We made Deffi smart.


2021 got off to a tumultuous start. We were on site and equipped Detlef and his wife Nicole’s house with smart solutions. Whether it was the automation of the roller blinds or the use of Alexa, with which Deffi can now activate all lighting scenes and the roller blinds via voice control. Deffi is now convinced of our worth. In addition, various buttons for the alarm system and garage door activation were set up. Detlef “deffi-nitely” appreciated the cross-system Mediola visualization and its activation via the iPad Pro in the entrance area. He now has a perfect view of everything with the newly installed Doorbird, which is integrated in the visualisation. If he is not at home when the postman arrives, no problem: via the app, he can easily communicate with the postman, open the door and allow the chap to leave the parcel. #smart job Deffi, we are very happy that we could infect you with our Smart Home DNA. We’ll be back.

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