Smart planning meets smart electrical installation.

In the future, electrical installations will be handled through the elektrofabrik.


Our Success Story: Innovative Smart Homes from Planning to Completion

In today’s fast-paced world, smart technologies have become indispensable in our daily lives. They provide comfort, efficiency, and security in our homes. We, the company Smartfabrik, have made a name for ourselves over the past 5 years by specializing in the planning, programming, and conceptualization of Smart Homes. But that’s not all. In the summer of 2023, together with our partner Dornieden, we launched ‘elektrofabrik’ to offer even more comprehensive solutions for property developers and premium electrical projects.”

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Our Beginnings at Smartfabrik We take pride in being pioneers not only in the field of Smart Homes but also in establishing a broad knowledge base in Smart Home research. Through our close collaboration with the renowned TH Köln and mentoring numerous Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, we’ve gained profound understanding and expertise in this field. These research activities have helped us develop innovative solutions that are at the cutting edge of technology. A New Chapter: The elektrofabrik – More than a Craftsman’s Workshop In the summer of 2023, we took a significant step further by joining forces with our esteemed partner Dornieden to establish ‘elektrofabrik.’ The elektrofabrik differs in many ways from a traditional craftsman’s workshop. Here, proven processes that have already proven effective in our engineering office are consistently evolved and optimized. A standout example is our intelligent material management. We rely on digital processes that range from time tracking to recording adjustments and changes on the construction site. This not only enables more efficient resource management but also precise tracking and documentation that is unparalleled in the industry. Our approach at elektrofabrik seamlessly integrates modern technology into traditional craftsmanship. We believe this combination is the key to success in delivering top-notch electrical installations in premium electrical projects. Synergies for Property Developers and Premium Electrical Projects Our collaboration with elektrofabrik offers a wide range of benefits. For property developers, new opportunities arise to enhance the appeal of their real estate projects. By integrating Smart Home technologies, apartments and houses can be made not only more comfortable but also more energy-efficient and secure. This increases the value of the properties and attracts potential buyers. Furthermore, this partnership opens exciting prospects in the premium electrical segment. Projects demanding the highest standards in design, functionality, and aesthetics can now benefit from the combined expertise of both companies. Whether it’s customized lighting systems, state-of-the-art entertainment technology, or sophisticated security solutions, we at Smartfabrik and elektrofabrik are ready to meet the challenges of the premium electrical segment. The Future Looks Smart In a world where technological advancement is advancing rapidly, we, at Smartfabrik, along with our partner Dornieden and elektrofabrik, are well-positioned to shape the future and respond to new influences that the market presents. Our success story at Smartfabrik and the promising future of elektrofabrik demonstrate that innovation and collaboration are the keys to success – engineering meets craftsmanship has proven to be a top match for us! With our private clients, whom we currently serve through smartfabrik, we experience this firsthand. Thanks to the seamless collaboration with elektrofabrik, we can ensure a smooth transition from the initial concept of the Smart Home to rough installation and subsequent programming. From the start, our experts are ready to turn innovative ideas into reality. From detailed planning of a 3D lighting concept to the development of a comprehensive user concept and visualization of the Smart Home – all of this is done in close coordination with our clients and taking into account their individual wishes and requirements. In our new concept, the customer receives all services from a single source. The seamless integration of services continues in elektrofabrik. Experienced professionals not only handle switchgear construction but also take care of rough installation and programming of Smart Home systems. This holistic approach guarantees not only the highest quality but also a smooth and efficient implementation of our clients’ Smart Home projects. A “smart” home is just the beginning! A “smart” home is just the beginning! Our vision extends far beyond individual Smart Homes and encompasses the entire digital transformation in the property developer segment. What has been implemented in large construction projects can now also be applied to single-family homes and multi-story residential construction sites. Building Information Modeling (BIM) plays a crucial role in this. We firmly believe that digitization and the use of intelligent technologies will revolutionize the construction and real estate sector. In a future characterized by advanced concepts like BIM, construction projects will be more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. BIM allows capturing and managing all information about a building in a digital model, making planning and implementation of construction projects easier and enabling continuous monitoring and optimization throughout a building’s lifecycle. What sets Smartfabrik apart from other companies is our unique ability to bring consulting services directly into implementation. This means that we not only develop innovative concepts and potential cost savings but also enable elektrofabrik to put them into action. This instills confidence in our clients, as they know that the cost savings and efficiency gains we calculate and develop can actually be realized. For our B2B customers, this means they get everything from a single source. With just one point of contact for the electrical trade, they have the assurance that their projects will be implemented efficiently, cost-effectively, and with the latest technology. This not only strengthens customer loyalty but also allows our clients to focus on their core business while we take care of the technological challenges. Our vision is to drive this digital revolution in the property developer segment and help our clients fully leverage the potential of digitization. We believe that a connected future in construction not only brings economic benefits but also contributes to creating sustainable and livable buildings. A “smart” home is just the beginning of an exciting journey into a digitized and optimized construction industry.